Written Translations

Professional translations – it is a main activity of the translation agency Littera. We translate into more than 80 world languages as: English, Russian, Latvian, Norwegian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Ukrainian, Polish, Lithuanian, Estonian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese and etc. In our agency, all translations are performed only by qualified professionals; quality is controlled by experienced editors.

This service is divided into three main categories and themes:

1)    written translations of standard texts, including legal, economic and technical texts;
2)    translations which are performed by qualified native translators;
3)    written translations of personal documents.

Our specialization:

Translation of financial texts;
Translation of medical texts;
Translation of technical texts;
Translation of legal texts;
Translation of promotional materials;
Translation of web pages;
Translation of operating manuals;
Translation of texts related with arts;
Translation of research papers, diploma papers, CV and application letters.