Translations of Legal Texts

Mainly they are translations of contracts and agreements; furthermore we provide also translations of statutes, marriage contracts, documents certificated by notary, regulations and other legal documents. Legal issues, unlike the common lexis, require from a translator more attention to details and formulations, special terminological accuracy; therefore these translations are entrusted to the most experienced professionals. Translations of legal documents are considered to be translations of the high degree of the complexity.
Professional translations are performed by professionals whose mother language is a relevant foreign language. We suggest this service if you need translations of the high stylistic quality, for example, translation of presentations, web pages, marketing and promotional texts, and book translations.

One more specialty is professional translations of personal documents – passports, notices, licences, diploma and letters. The most common service in this category is the translation of the Russian passport with a notarial certification. In addition, we offer a wide range of services. When working with texts and documents, some of them can be ordered separately, some are just a supplement to the basic documents:

accuracy of the text in a foreign language completely maintaining the original formatting, drawings and their titles;

• apostille or full legalization of consular documents which gives a legal effect to a document in other countries;

• certification of notary or company stamp, the certification of a sworn translator or the necessary number of notarial copies.

We hereby inform you that we always comply with the optimal deadline of the order, in the same time regardless of the document which is to be translated in our office; you can always request urgent translation, which we can perform as soon as possible.

Our prices of basic and supplementary services are average in Riga. In order to get detailed information on the costs, service time and order, contact us by phone or visit our office. We will answer your questions with pleasure and provide additional information.

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