Notarial Certifications of Documents

Often clients request to translate official documents.

A notarial certification can be requested for official or legal documents, for example, a certificate of birth, a power of attorney, a marriage certificate, an agreement, a passport or diploma.

Also if you need a translation of a document to be submitted in the public authority of Latvia or abroad, you will need a notarial certification or APOSTILLE (legalization of documents). More info about the certification regulations, you can find at the MK regulations web site.

Notarial certification can be performed in two stages:

  • Translation of documents;
  • Notarial certification of translations;

Translation agency Littera provides additional services:

  • Proofreading of text – 50% of translation price;
  • Text rewriting 3.00 EUR/per sheet;
  • Notarial certification – 9.92 EUR/per 1 document;
  • Certification of sworn translator or agency – 5.00 EUR/per 1 document;
  • Certification of document copy – 5.00 EUR/per 1 sheet;
  • Apostille – 38.00 EUR upon request.

Certification of notary or sworn translator – which to choose?

You can certificate a document with a stamp of company or signature, stamp of a sworn translator because there are documents (for internal use) which need to be certificated, but not to be certificated fully, it means that it is not obligatory to certificate a translation by a notary. Almost all Latvian institutions accept translations with certifications by a sworn translator or  notary. We suggest clarifying what kind of certification is required in the relevant institution.

How quickly you can get a notarized translation?

It depends on the volume and number of documents. If a document consists of 1-3 sheets, you can receive a notarized translation within 1 working day, if the document consists of 3-6 sheets – within 2-3 working days, but if a translation is needed to be ready early, the term can be set individually.

What are 1800 characters or 1 page?

A standard A4 sheet on average consists of 1800 characters with spaces or 250 words. You can easily count characters or words in Word document by choosing Tools -> Word Count or Statistics and Characters with spaces/words.