Certified Translations

Littera provides professional certified translations and notarised translations to leading global organisations and private individuals. This service includes formal verification for official use, if needed. The certification of documents can be requested for official or legal documents.

Also, if you need a translated document to be submitted to a public authority in Latvia or abroad, you will need a notarised translation or APOSTILLE (legalization of documents). You can more information about certification regulations on the MK regulations website.

Notarised certification can be performed in two stages:

  • Translation of documents;
  • Notarised certification of translations;

Translation agency Littera provides additional services:

  • Proofreading – 50% of translation price;
  • Text rewriting  –  3.00 EUR/per sheet;
  • Notarised certification – 9.92 EUR/per 1 document;
  • Certification of a translator or agency – 5.00 EUR/per 1 document;
  • Certification of a document copy – 5.00 EUR/per 1 sheet;
  • Apostille – 38.00 EUR on request.

Certification of notary or translator – which to choose?

You can certify a document with a company stamp or signature or the stamp of a translator because there are documents (for internal use) which need to be certified, but not fully certified. This means that it is not obligatory to certify a translation by a notary. Almost all Latvian institutions accept translations with certifications by a translator and an agency or a notary. We suggest clarifying what kind of certification is required in the relevant institution.

How quickly can you get a notarised translation?

This depends on the volume and number of documents. If a document consists of 1-3 sheets, you can receive a notarized translation within 1 working day, if the document consists of 3-6 sheets – within 2-3 working days, but if a translation is needed to be ready early, the term can be agreed individually.

What are 1800 characters or 1 page?

On average a standard A4 sheet consists of 250 words. You can easily count characters or words in Word document by choosing Tools -> Word Count or Statistics and Characters with spaces/words.

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